Smithfarms Coffee Prices

Crop 2020
(USPS raised its prices 01.26.2020)

graphic bean

100% Pure Kona “Estate Grade” Roasted Coffee * Whole Beans
$29/LB +
$9.25 S&H via USPS
$15/Half LB +
$9.25 S&H via USPS
 $140/FIVE LB bag +
$16.55 S&H via

100% Pure Kona “Estate Grade” Roasted Coffee *Ground Beans
$30/LB + $9.25 S&H via USPS
$16/HALF LB + $9.25 S&H via USPS
$145/ FIVE LB bag + 16.55 S&H via USPS


100% Pure Kona Peaberry Roasted Coffee * Whole Beans
$21/Half LB Peaberry+ $9.25 S&H via USPS
$40/LB + $9.25 S&H via USPS
$195 FIVE LB bag
+ 16.55 S&H via
Peaberry is 5% of our total crop and because of its flavor and rarity, is more valuable BUT we do run out very quickly!

green unroasted Estate Grade 100% Kona Coffee beans
$23.50/LB + $9.25 S&H via USPS
no bulk quantity discount-we’re a very small farm


Read about Grade B here
Grade B Smithfarms roasted + ground

$21/LB +$9.25 S&H via USPS
$100 FIVE LB bag
+16.55 S&H via USPS

Ordering and Shipping

To order please go here:

Shipping Information below.
All USPS mail will be handled by,
their sub-contractor
Please look for an email from which will let you know your order has shipped. Thanks.

attention#1) USPS Tracking is not totally exact. I hand in the package here in Honaunau on Hawaii island about 8 am. The package then goes to Honolulu on Oahu island. It then leaves Honolulu close to midnight of the same day. But the Tracking often does not reflect the movement afterward so it appears the package has only left Honolulu. (Must be hanging out in cyberspace for the next 3 or 4 days!) And some packages get delivered and the Tracking never shows that result. egads.
#2) Despite the term “3 Day Priority”, it is really is 4 or 5 days from Hawaii.
#3) 99.9% of our packages arrive within 4-5 days some without any indication of movement on the USPS site, so apologies to you, but don’t lose hope.

attention  effective now

USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope- Shipping + Handling
holds from a half pound of roasted up to 3 pounds of green
Canada/Mexico $24.95
other International -$34.25

USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium Box -Shipping + Handling
holds from 3 pounds of roasted to a Bulk (5#) Bag and up to 10 pounds of green
US– $14.35
Canada/Mexico – $49.25
other International$76.05

USPS Priority Flat Rate Large Box Shipping +Handling
more than 5 pounds of roasted coffee, 2 Bulk (5#) bags
US– $19.15
other International – $99.25 (about)

Warning: We have found that International packages sometimes take longer than the 6-10 days. We process your order as quickly as we can but once your package is in the hands of the International postal carriers, we have absolutely no control. Feel free to ask in the Comments box, for USPS Express International (more expensive, naturally), if you want to get it asap. I will give you a quote.

You are buying premium, gourmet and valuable Fresh Roasted 100% Kona Coffee. We roast the day before we send it. We are always happy to send it via the method YOU want! 

Your choices for shipping will have to be ONE of these Two Services: 

#1-USPS Priority via cheapest

USPS Priority means it takes 4-5 days within the US.(see caution note above)
Two roasted pounds or 3 green pounds and less will go via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for $8.45

More than 2 roasted pounds and more than 3 pounds of green beans, up to 5 lbs of roasted coffee and up to 10 pounds of green go in USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium box for $14.35

more than 5 lbs of roasted coffee will go in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate LARGE box for $19.15

#2 OR – FedEx-usually fastest

about 22+$  for 5 Pounds
about 21+$ for 2 or 3 pounds

You can see the choices and change your mind on the Order Form

We do love International orders but the postage is higher.


If you are ordering for an International address, please fill out my order form as well as you can AND in the “COMMENTS” section- please write out the complete address. I will use that complete address in mailing your package. Please include your telephone number because International mail asks for it. If there is trouble delivering your package, I assume:) they will call you or me if they have your telephone number.


What can fit in a USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope no matter where it goes?

  • 1 or 2 pound bags of our roasted coffee or up to 3 pounds of green
  • We believe in shipping green/unroasted coffee via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate system.We can fit 3 pounds of green/unroasted beans shipped within the US for that same $8.45
  • We can fit 3 pounds of green/unroasted beans in an USPS International Flat Rate Envelope to Canada and Mexico,etc.

What doesn’t fit in a USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope?

More than 2 pounds of our roasted coffee, no more green/unroasted than I write above.

Hope that helps!

Grand daughter Maile depositing boxes into our FedEx drop off. No trucks can come up to our farm so we drive 2.5 miles to this FedEx drop-off. (FYI- the US Post Office is about 4 miles away in the other direction)
FedEx small

Not available for Canada/International due to high “tariffs” that FedEx seemingly charges which are almost equal to the value of the contents.

Some up close begonia flowers that bloom in September. Their leaves in the back ground, look painted with silver paint.

Do you encourage visitors?

No and for a couple of reasons. We do not have a store front- this is our house. It is just Bob and me, so we are not set-up for visitors. We live 2 miles up a semi-paved, one lane private, 4 Wheel drive road.

But don’t be discouraged, there are many farms that want visitors. Go here and you’ll find over 40 farms that would love to have you. (I am a KCFA member and the volunteer web person for the KCFA’s site )

Smithfarms Grade B

Grade B Smithfarms roasted & ground
better than any coffee you’ve had…except for our regular- of course

Our Grade B Coffee is coffee that does not meet our estate grade coffee standards… it mostly consists of damaged beans caused by the coffee Berry borer and beans damaged in process. Under sized beans are also part of this mix. Consequently the appearance of the roasted coffee is not as uniform as the estate grade. That is why we offer it as ground coffee. This coffee is still very tasty and at 21 per pound it is a bargain.

Are You Organic?

Here’s an article and we share the feelings.
read here:

No. There is no organic source of fertiliser in Hawaii. All fertiliser organic or otherwise, needs to be shipped in. This of course increases prices dramatically and we could not afford to apply the adequate amounts of organic nutrition to our coffee trees that they need to remain vigorous, without pricing our coffee to the extreme and frankly, we could not make a living at all. Bob does weed whack the whole 5 acres and we try to be as organic as possible although again, we do use inorganic fertiliser.

We want our plants to be totally healthy and fully nurtured and we want to remain in farming so we have made an educated decision to judiciously use the inorganic fertiliser we use. Our plants are HAPPY! We are careful and sustainable farmers. Our land was farmed by Hawaiians, pre-contact, and we respect the farming that occurred before us and respect the right to farm healthily after us.

1955 Lava Flow and we were there:)

Our dad Frank Burns (CES Burns Jr.) took most of this video. He was manager and had to prove to the insurance company that the fire destroyed the cane acreage and before the approaching lava. The sugar plantation has insurance for fire- not lava and lots of acreage was burned. All we Burns kids are in the video, mom and dad, even our grandmother Puna Walker and our parents good friends David and Beppy Young.

long version (2 Hours+)

short version (2 minutes) here:

Sea Grapes

excerpt taken from Marie C. Neal’s IN GARDENS OF HAWAII– 1965

Coccoloba uvifera: (the entire section below)

At home in thickets along sandy shores in warm parts of America is the sea grape,which in Hawaii is planted as a windbreak near beaches. It is a twisting tree, to 20 feet or more high; the trunk rarely attains a diameter of 3 feet. The branches zig zag and form a dense canopy; the bark is thin, smooth and brown. The tree is ornamental and bears attractive, broad,rounded, glossy, thick red veined leaves, the largest to a diameter of 8 inches. Early Christians in Mexico are said to have used the leaves for writing paper. When the leaves are fresh, scratches made with a sharp point show white on the green surface. Flowers of the sea grape are fragrant and grow in spikes about 6 inches long. Each has 5 sepals, 8 stamens and 3 styles. The pear shaped,reddish, sweetish-acid, astringent fruits hang in clusters, each fruit containing a large globose nut. In the West Indies an alcoholic drink is prepared from the fruits and jelly can be made of them. The roots also astringent, are used to cure dysentery. The wood is hard, polishes well and is valued, especially in Jamaica, for cabinet work. It also supplies fuel and, when boiled, yields a red dye. A gum from the bark is used for tanning and, medicinally for throat ailments. The tree grows from cuttings or seeds.

Final Sea grape note: In the latest edition of the COSTCO magazine (July 2015) -it lists the foreign COSTCOs and under Japan’s entry- the “Unique item not found in US: sea grapes”– such a coincidence