Order Smithfarms 100% Pure Kona Coffee
Welcome to our new Store page, formerly our “order” page
We have moved into woocommerce (woo hoo!) which is the up-to-date system for 2022!
There are changes you will notice. Invoices are different but it is extremely safe and totally integrated which is what we all need. If you have questions, just email me 
Thank you.

Hawaii General Excise Tax will be added to orders shipped within Hawaii.

 beautiful Madeira rose which smells so sweet too

We will not be selling any more green/unroasted beans until the new season which will begin in October 2022. The past crop was too small.

Thank you for your order!!

  • Look for an email receipt from us as an acknowledgment of your successful order. (Check your SPAM and JUNK folders too, and be sure to “okay ” our email address. We may need to contact you. Thanks.)
  • Your card will be charged when you make your order. I am able to give you  a refund if there is ever any problem or if you change your mind. But I can not add to your credit card amount for your own security. Mahalo.