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 Established in 1988 and on the Internet Since January 1999! our 27th year of being SMITHFARMS



the tastiest caffeine delivery system

on the planet! 

Aloha…..from South Kona on Hawaii island …2,800 miles off the west coast of America & 1,869 feet up the slopes of Mauna Loa

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SMITHFARMS welcomes you to try our 100% Kona coffee. Our Coffea arabica, var. typica trees are happy and healthy and most are over 125 years old! Still vigorous and beautiful Our trees are the heirloom real Kona Coffee, absolutely.

We know that our SMITHFARMS 100% Kona Coffee is as good as Kona coffee can be!   

Bob has enhanced our practically perfect natural conditions through individualized attention to each tree. He is able to give our trees this specialized care because of our 5-acre size. Honestly he loves all of his  trees.Think it shows up in the cup.

We are sustainable farmers who do not use any insecticides. We are meeting our needs while considering the needs of future generations that will farm this same land.

Sylvie, 16 years old!  attacking the catnip bag (yes a blurred photo)Sylvie-attacking catnip

and afterwards

Sylvie-goofy a goofy sort of stoned Sylvie  


10 year old Mollie the Border Collie 

              Mollie.small                    She leaps up on a chair so she can be closer to one’s smiling face to show you her big beautiful grin

The humans—Bob and I, Cea, live on the farm in our house and are the growers, pickers, and packers, selling our entire crop directly to people who enjoy our unique products. We hand farm our land, using no machinery, continuing the ancient tradition of hand farming by Hawaiians who grew taro, bananas, sweet potatoes and sugar cane in our same fields.

Did you know:  it takes about 250 ripe coffee cherries to total a pound of fresh coffee and it takes about 7 pounds of fresh coffee cherries (1,750 coffee cherries!) to get 1 roasted pound of coffee for you. And each coffee cherry is picked one by one, by hand.

                                   Smithfarms Pure Kona Coffee

 PURE Natural! Unadulterated Goodness! &

Truly awesome Taste! & Aroma!!!

100% Kona Coffee

sweet, creamy, chocolaty, gourmet & all natural!

and …it can be yours easily!  

                              Crop 2015 pretty much harvested                                         BeansBeansBeansBeans

a photo below, of SMITHFARMS freshly picked 100% Kona Beans

                                     Ripe Red Coffee at smithfarms- in the bag!

Our Smithfarms farm is found high above historic Kealakekua Bay and overlooking the ancient Place Of Refuge in the district of South Kona on Hawaii island, the largest, and most southern of the 8 main Hawaiian islands. Captain Cook first landed in 1779 at Kealakekua Bay, below. 

                          view of Kealakekua Bay from our living room window. We love this!

 City of Refuge/Puuhonua o Honaunau National Park as seen from Honaunau Beach.(click to view larger)

SMITHFARMS is a 5 acre Kona coffee whose farmers are dedicated to the conscientious care of the earth and its bounty. Indeed.

We have natural shade grown 100% Kona coffee and we use no chemical insecticides ever.

fern fiddle

In March therre are many of these:  a native tree fern head just ready to bust into an elegant frond spreading out and over 6 feet in length

Our SMITHFARMS land has been hand farmed without any machinery ever. We have pre-contact stone walls, hand built by Hawaiians. No bulldozer has ever crushed our earth. The roots of our coffee plants can go anywhere they want in our light volcanic soil. Makes them happy coffee trees!

The equipment: a basket, pair of gloves, (lots of…) time in the fresh air …..

and the great result… Smithfarms coffee fruit in a basket!

What makes our Kona Coffee farm so special?

It is really just us, with Bob doing the hard farm work daily and we both work along side our pickers every picking day. I manage this web site and do other smithfarms-office type stuff. We are the sole packers and the pruners and roasters of our Smithfarms 100% Kona Coffee. Two mortals trying to do the right thing.

We can supply you with the finest 100% Kona coffee there is and we are confident about that.

Smithfarms is farmed by sustainable farmers (definition: meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by doing the same thing on our land).

Bob is conscientious about the care of the land and would never jeopardize it.

We are a fairly traded coffee (definition: non-exploitive toward the farm, farmer or the workers).

We live in America, too.

                                Smithfarms Pure Kona Coffee


Never had our coffee Before?  aaah “poor ting” as we say in Hawaii…


We were told that drinking our coffee is like “having dessert at breakfast!”

Imagine tasting this goodness yourself: (yum… slurp… swirl) SMITHFARMS 100% Kona coffee beans – Natural & Gourmet with “an AROMA which is full, sweet and fruity - causing your olfactory senses to jump with delight


“What a wonderful l i n g e r i n g taste each sip will give you.” 

A cup of naturally sweet Kona coffee that will never be forgotten, –VERY Creamy, –smooth, with that Just-before-chocolate taste! 

Mild mild in acid and just awesome awesome in flavor. 

A “clean and bright 100% Kona coffee flavor which is straight forward, and a full & smooth with a sweet body and such a lingering finish.” said a renowned coffee reviewer.


We offer an extremely SECURE ORDER FORM and website. Click on the small TRUSTWAVE logo on each page to view our various encryptions. We never have access to your entire credit card information ourselves, (various sections of  the numbers are stored on various servers to protect you) , please create an account for yourself if you want to order again.  Make it easy on yourself.

We never allow anyone else access to the names of our customers and we never solicit a gift recipient – ever.

                                         Smithfarms Coffee Cherry fresh picked                                Isn’t that beautiful? The end of a picking day.


We selectively hand pick each coffee bean so that only the ripest, reddest fruit is chosen.

We then carefully wet-process our coffee in lots of fresh volcanic aquifer water and then every Smithfarms Kona coffee bean is put out in our warm Hawaiian sun to bask/sun bathe with de-light while our tropical breezes gently dry them to perfection.

No chemicals are involved.

which results in….

100% Kona Coffee PURE which is Freshly Roasted, extraordinarily AromaticSweet & Delicate & Naturally Gourmet!

What is Happening Now? Pruning all the thousand + trees begins! Now the rain can fall again and… March 24 is Bob’s Birthday:) 

birthday cake  for a seventieth birthday or anniversary

and an a appealing quote from: wsmith@wordsmith.org

“Smaller than a breadbox, bigger than a TV remote, the average book fits into the human hand with a seductive nestling, a kiss of texture, whether of cover cloth, glazed jacket, or flexible paperback. -John Updike, writer (18 Mar 1932-2009)”           

Smithfarms is “open” from Sundays through Thursdays and we often take off from putting orders together on Fridays and Saturdays– to do other work. Just in case you were wondering:)

Friday sunset                                                              A  sunset:)