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our smithfarms coffee

Smithfarms: Established in 8/8/88 and on the Internet Since January 3 1999
 more than 25 years of being online

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be doing coffee orders from June 11-June 18. Feel free to make your order and we’ll get to it asap. Thank you for your understanding.


coffee infancy

bee loving a coffee blossom and beginning a crop. coffee is self fertile but bees love the beautiful smelling flowers which are related to gardenias and jasmine- all the same family. And by going from flower to flower the bee is carrying slight bits of pollen from another flower. Helpful.

                                                                                        then the green beans form

Farmer Bob picking:) the ripe cherry above, and his trusty helper (me) below

Wondered about Processing?  The washing and drying of fresh coffee? go here

If you are looking for Wonderful coffee with EXCEPTIONAL TASTE   SMITHFARMS PURE KONA IS IT!

AWESOME AROMA, wowee! and we will roast it up for you!just out of the roaster (click here for roaster photos) can’t you just smell the chocolate in the photo above?

You do know ….

that Each of our SMITHFARMS coffee beans actually contain rays of our warm tropical South Kona sun??

Our 100% Kona Coffee is more than great tasting! It is beautiful!

The 4 Stages of our Coffee
photos copyrighted by K E Smith

fresh Cherry Coffee (below)
just off the tree


Parchment (below)
cherry fruit which has been washed and dried and still has its protective parchment-like covering on- we store it this way
Green Beans (below)
parchment skins have been removed at the mill, and now it is ready for roasting
Roasted (below)
yummy delicious beans


more about our SMITHFARMS…

100% PURE KONA COFFEE Sustainably Grown and Fairly Traded!
Sustainably grown* means we farm the land and meet our needs to grow yummy 100% Kona coffee without compromising the ability of future farmers to grow their 100% Kona coffee here on the same land. We are a Fairly Traded coffee although that “tag” (Fair Trade) is not given to coffee produced in the US. We pay every helper of our 100% Kona coffee a fair wage. We live in America,too.

wild red rooster(RIP Red, above)

Junior  Red  “JR” is our new head rooster and a  more mellow guy.  We shall see. 

So would you like to know more about our Kona coffee?

SMITHFARMS 100% Kona Coffee Pure Coffea arabica var. typica is yours via…Happy & Healthy & Vigorous trees and many trees are over 120 years old!

Ever wondered about the history of Kona Coffee? Click>> Here’s something I wrote up about 15 or 20 years ago.

crop-2016 cherry coffee fruit on the branch

All Hand Picked and Sun Dried naturally High Elevation Grown
We are a high elevation farm, (1700 – 2000 feet above sea level, on the slopes of Mauna Loa) – a slower growing coffee farm.

s l o w e r g r o w i n g and bigger beans and therefore… better tasting coffee

daily weather: cloudsraincloudsrainclouds Natural shade cloudsraincloudsrainclouds With the natural shade given by our clouds, we tend to have a larger amount of bigger beans. Tastier too, say the experts.

Green Coffee-although we don’t have any for sale now.

What is green coffee?
GREEN Coffee is coffee that has been picked, wet processed & sun-dried & milled & its very next step is for YOU the roaster, to roast. It is unroasted coffee. We sell our 100% Kona green in amounts from 1 pound on up. The maximum we can sell by Hawaii Law in one order, is 10 pounds of green beans


“this is REALLY good!”

Roasted Coffee
We of course, offer our wonderful roasted coffee and you can also get it ground.
Your whole freshly roasted beans will be ground in our Bunn 3 burr grinder at $1 per pound. (Just check it off on the form.) The Bunn is an exceptional grinder giving uniformity to the grinds and you may just want to throw away your whirly-blade and have us do your grinding!

if you want dark or light roasted coffee, you need to order 5 pounds and be sure to indicate your desire- in capital letters on the <Comment > line. thanks.

Total Satisfaction is our AIM! (please see here)
We think we only have the best and that’s what we want YOU to have.

10.22.13 9.30amour washed and dried coffee crop stored in parchment form in our very special climate controlled storage room beneath our living room. Next trip will be to the miller’s to remove the protective parchment.

a wild Jackson chameleon hanging out on a tree-they are utterly harmless and he is trying to look threatening, but he (no horns on the females) doesn’t even have teeth.

                     a female chameleon looking beautiful:) on a rosea picta branch                 

Roasted and Green Smithfarms 100% PURE Kona Coffee 

All PRICES & Shipping and Handling info is here

We feel that all the grades of our coffee are equally delicious, because we treat each bean with the same care!

graphic beanESTATE GRADE “ is our own SMITHFARMS definition for our “Extra Fancy”, “Fancy” and “Number one” grade beans as they naturally occur in our Smithfarms coffee crop and combined. This is what we call “Estate Grade**
graphic bean
Green/Unroasted “ESTATE GRADE” is the same description of our coffee as above BUT not roasted. There is a 10 pound limit on green bean purchases.

graphic beanWe take out the Peaberry to sell it separately as roasted and remove the grades below “Number one”.

graphic beanFYI regarding  our total lack of our green Peaberry. No roasted Peaberry now either. We also are not selling our green Peaberry because it does not meet our high quality standard of beauty for our green beans. The nasty Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) beetle tends more often, to go after the end of the coffee branch and that is where Peaberry is usually found. So to get high quality green Peaberry would take too much effort for us to sort through to meet our smithfarms standard for quality green this season. We are the only 2 workers here and we’ve made that decision. Hope you understand.

** Not bragging but.., we at Smithfarms invented the word Estate Grade Coffee- a really long time ago- maybe 20 or 25 years. Lots of people use it now. This was suggested to us by a roaster friend  (thank you Barry Jarrett), because the size difference between the largest and the smallest coffee bean in our Estate Grade Run is all of 3/64ths of an inch! Barry felt it would give our coffee a slight multidimensional flavor and we’ve never looked back. He was right. YUM! (and …we don’t have the added cost of separating out the grades which saves you money, too!)

All our precious 100% Kona coffee grows at its perfect pace, with sunny mornings and afternoon cloud cover during the wet summer growing months, and our dry cool winter harvest season.We get no municipal water at our house/farm, so this is one of our two collecting water tanks. The water is then gravity fed into our house. 

Total Annual Rainfall Amounts- Honaunau mauka 1900 foot elevation
2019 – 112.58 inches
2020 – 92.82 inches
2021 – 105.58 inches
2022 – 84.71 inches
2023 – 80.95 inches
2024- so far very rainy year

                     Knocking back the Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) and the Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR)
Spraying naturally occurring fungus to beat back the bad ones.

These is the Seal you will find on your Smithfarms roasted coffee bags, in addition to our label. We pay 5 Cents for each and the money goes to support the Kona Coffee Farmer Organization (KCFA). It is a group dedicated to just the small Kona Coffee farmer. That is what we are —-Kona Coffee Farmers! Farmers are not processors. We grow the stuff, processors do process it but …they also buy large quantities of fresh cherry from the majority of coffee farmers who sell at the cherry level, and then …those processors sell some of that coffee to blenders! The processors want to buy coffee at the lowest possible price and the farmers want to earn their living. CONFLICT!
A Kona Blend IS: The processor/blenders take their coffee bags, put in 90% unknown & never identified (Truth in Labeling?) coffee beans and (maybe) only 10% Kona Coffee beans and sell that bag for an enormous profit on their 10% Kona. Beware of Kona Blend!
But we have made progress with our Hawaii State Legislature in the 2024 session, through concentrated effort and by 2027, a Kona Blend must contain at least 51% Kona! Yippee Yahoo. 

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association is a totally volunteer, non-profit, community-based organization of coffee farmers with the mission to promote and protect the economic interests of Kona coffee farmers who grow and sell 100% Kona coffee and to seek greater legal protection of the Kona coffee name.

The latest KCFA monthly Newsletter- “The Independent Voice” may be found here:

Smithfarms 100% Kona “Estate Grade” Coffee

OUR ROASTED COFFEE is: WHAT? whole bean, freshly roasted, lusciously dark but not burnt

Roasted to perfection by Bob Smith who grows and bags it as well as doing the perfect roast (just after 1st crack- if you know what that means).happy-face

Did I mention that Bob the farmer of our beans, has a BS degree in Tropical Agriculture, too? About the only college educated Kona Coffee farmer that I know of in Kona!

Grinding your whole beans, in our professional grinder aka “Ruby”, is $1/pound.

Ruby II is our 2021 BunnG3 grinder 
We had to retire our old one after many years of good service and this is Ruby II.

HOW LONG in Transit? 3-5 days within America

PACKAGING? 1 pound bags:  Matte brown, foil lined, 1 way valve & then heat sealed w/ gold clip
5 pound bag: shiny silver, foil lined, 1 way valve & then heat sealed w/gold clip

If you want an International Shipment, we can do it
Fill out the order form as well as you can and for added clarity, in the <Comments> rewrite the address-just to be sure.
email me: if you have questions.

we are coffee farmers not orchid growers but we are really lucky to have some orchids who love living here too. These grow in a tree fern stump. 

Blooming in late August 2023

You may be interested to know that Bob and I believe in the concept of karma. We do try to do the right and proper thing. We want to know when you are not pleased, too. It will make us better!

Recurring/Subscription Orders, aka smithfarms appreciators:)-
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You will have a chance — once you get to the order pageto decide if you want your orders to come to you automatically. Here’s the scoop… Join our group of “Coffee happy addicts” that has our freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee sent to them… AUTOMATICALLY!

All orders go out as close to their due date as possible and YOU CAN CHANGE THE TIMING or amount OF YOUR ORDER AT ANY TIME-or even cancel. It is no problem, just email me  We roast the day before and send your box out the next morning.

Did you know? One pound of whole beans will make approximately 32 cups of the world’s best coffee! How many cups of tasty, natural, sparkly & creamy 100% Pure Kona coffee do you want to drink in a week? hmmmm…
let me see, how many ways can I spoil myself and my sweetie, hmmmmm…

Can you see the bees having a party in the night blooming cereus below? The flower opens at night, of course and will close before the next nightfall.  (The fruit produced is sometimes called dragonfruit in modern terms, but the plants have been in Hawaii since the early 1800s.)