Holiday Cheer 2020!

Holidays 2020 


A generous gift of freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee from Hawaii is the perfect gift for absolutely anyone on your list. World known for its superior flavor. Grown by our small family farm in the Kona district on the island of Hawaii. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and love our life.
Choose smithfarms whole bean or ground coffee and be assured your selection will be enjoyed by all. Lots of size choices for you- so click along to our order page.

You are paying for fresh roasted coffee from us, so please schedule the shipping date at least a week before you want it to arrive. The US postal system is  little weird this year. To arrive in time for Xmas though, I would suggest a shipping date of December 14-just to be sure.

checkmarkDon’t forget to include your Gift sentiment on our order form-found on the 2nd page where you choose [Shipping Method]. Your sentiment will be tucked in with our Holiday brochure, which explains just how unique our coffee and your gift is! (Brochure does not include prices.)


Questions? email me

Our Lovable Roaster :)

built by ASHE Industries, LLC * San Diego or email

Our wonderful ASHELLC fluid bed roaster was just optimized last week! We have model #000001 and ASHE worked very hard and it is better than ever.
Here are photos from the end of March 2019.Ernie had so many tools and an equal amount of patience.
old dull coil towers on the right and shiny new ones to the left

Clean as a whistle on the final part of the installation

Our Estate Coffee Roaster
been roasting on it since January 2006 and Love IT!

Designed especially for the Estate coffee farm or small processor, the 10 lb capacity roaster produces a uniform roast from light through to dark continental in times from 10 to 12 minutes per full load.

This proven design is in daily use.
The separate cooling hopper allows for continuous roasting – roast one batch while the previous one cools.
Adjustable airflow allows the operator to vary the conditions for any size bean or desired roast color.