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Automatic order? Join the group of Appreciators! Smithfarms Appreciators SUBSCRIPTION CLUB does what ever YOU want. Takes the worry and hassle out of your life. Smithfarms will keep it coming until you want it changed. And you can postpone or cancel at anytime. Just give me a week's advance notice. One pound of our whole beans will make approximately 32 cups of coffee. How many cups of natural and gourmet 100% Pure Kona

built by ASHE Industries, LLC * San Diego or email Our wonderful ASHELLC fluid bed roaster was optimized! We have model #000001 and ASHE worked very hard and it is better than ever.  Here are photos from the end of March 2019.Ernie had so many tools and an equal amount of patience. old dull coil towers on the right and shiny new ones to the left Clean as a whistle on the final part of