Order Smithfarms 100% Pure Kona Coffee

4% Hawaii General Excise Tax will be added to orders shipped to Hawaii.

"Dagnabit" as a friend says when things don't go well. So Dagnabit, we do not have any coffee to sell you now.  Happens pretty regularly at this time of year. Coffee out the window is still maturing but not ready to pick for the 2020-2021 crop. Harvesting will probably begin next month. So by October 1, we ought to be back with a full storage room.  Want to be put on the "alert" list to be notified asap once we have coffee in? email me-cea@smithfarms.com 

                   Thank you for understanding farming!                                                                            Gardenias are blooming now-lucky us!

Thank you for your order!!
  • Look for an email receipt from us as an acknowledgment of your successful order. (Check your SPAM and JUNK folders too, and be sure to "okay " our email address. We may need to contact you. Thanks.)
  • Do not make a single order for more than 8 single pounds of roasted coffee. Reason: Our largest shipping box can not hold any more roasted coffee, so make another order please. Thanks.
  • Your card will be charged when you make your order. I am able send you a refund if there is ever any problem or if you change your mind. But I can not add to your credit card amount. Mahalo.