Grade B Smithfarms coffee

                                                       Smithfarms Kona Coffee - The Tastiest Caffiene Delivery System on the Planet!

Grade B is just a less pretty version of our delicious Kona coffee
AND Very Tasty!

Why called Grade B?- It doesn’t meet our high standards of perfection  for beauty.

But it does meet our expectations for great taste at a lesser cost.

Why do we offer it?

checkmarkIt probably far better tasting than 99.9% of the coffee in the world, coming in second only to our Smithfarms Estate and our Peaberry

checkmarkA few years ago, a “Q” cupper (which means his palate was trained for coffee flavors) did an experiment. Roasted and tasted the following: Ex. Fancy, Fancy, No. 1- (all of the foregoing we use as our Smithfarms “Estate”), Prime and Grade B. ——-The cupper tasted them all and picked– guess which? as the best flavor? Grade B. The “Q” cupper chose the Grade B and we now offer it to you.

checkmarkThe price per pound is $20 and $95 for a 5 pound bag. it comes only roasted and ground. We offer no guarantees but we think it is Good.