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January 1, 2022 from our front window

Please note, we will not be selling green/unroasted beans until  about mid-January, 2022. Mahalo.

Thank you for your order!!

  • Look for an email receipt from us as an acknowledgment of your successful order. (Check your SPAM and JUNK folders too, and be sure to “okay ” our email address. We may need to contact you. Thanks.)
  • Do not make a single order for more than 8 single pounds of roasted coffee. Reason: Our largest shipping box can not hold any more roasted coffee, so make another order please. Thanks.
  • Your card will be charged when you make your order. I am able to give you  a refund if there is ever any problem or if you change your mind. But I can not add to your credit card amount for your security. Mahalo.