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March- June 2020

**I was on a bi-monthly shipping schedule I am not sure what happened but a month was missed somehow. Please place me back in rotation. Thank You
**Your coffee is fantastic! Thank you!
**Well I decieded I can not live without Kona coffee! Yep I am hooked. Spring has arrived and plowing, planting and many new calves this year. I am enjoying having a garden this year and watching the crops grow. Hope all is well with you
**Can you notify me when peaberry is available. I would like to order some of that also.
**Please after the first crack! Thank you
**Just wanted to make sure you knew this was an automatic order for every other month. Thought I had placed one earlier but it didnt seem to go through
**Be Well! Stat Safe! Your WONDERFUL Coffee is helping me Survive COVID. ALOHA
**Hi Bob Cea! So nice to have spent time with you in March…. even though it was less than 24 hours! Needed a smithfarms coffee fix! Love you! (sister in law:))
**For the automated delivery, I’d like 1 lb. ground Kona every month. Thank you!
**Could you include an unused label. I want to stick it on my airtight coffee storage container. Thanks!!!
**Dear Cea, We have rented out our Denver house for a year and I would like to send our new tenants a taste of your wonderful coffee.
**Hi Cea, I hear things are nice and quiet in Hawaii! Could be good and bad.
**This is being mailed to my husband who is fishing in Northern Wisconsin at French Lake Resort. I forgot to get it for his birthday May 3rd.
**Thanks so much!!
**I have an automatic order set for 6 months (i think – or i changed it to 4 months last time i ordered). can you update it to every 3 months? no other coffee will suffice any longer! 🙂
**Thank you for your delicious coffee. Stay safe, well, and full of hope. Aloha
**B Safe…
**No instructions I just wanted to say hello and how unique you are!
**Please note different address. Isolating in or lake house.Hope all is well with you and yours.Sending you our best
**Hi! – looking forward to tasting this. Comments that I’ve read have been excellent.
**Cea, your roast was wonderful!
**Your coffee is fantastic! Thank you!
**Thanks Cea! No rush. Hope you folks are safe well!
**Note new address in Texas
**Aloha Bob Cea .. Hope you two are staying safe
**Cea Bob, I hope you are taking care of yourselves in these trying times. Susan and I are staying in our condo. I do go out just to drive around which helps me stay sane or, at least as close to sane as I can get
**I love your coffee!!!
**This is my new card. My apologies again for the cancelation of my old card. Please bill the last shipment you gave to me to this card.
**We’ve added automatic ordering! Thanks and aloha

**Cea, my husband and I love your coffee. It will be our new weekend treat. Thank you for your kind words and the dedication you and Bob have for the land and the coffee beans. My husband, Bob, hopes your husband, Bob, has no plans to retire anytime soon.
**I have been an ongoing customer in the past and would like to continue to be an ongoing customer
**Aloha, Cea Bob. Everything slowing down a bit on the island with this virus plagueing everyone? It is much slower and quieter here too. At least it doesnt stop the coffee from growing. Have a Happy and safe Easter and we hope to see you again someday when this is all over.
**Hi Bob and Cea! Its been a number of years since I’ve ordered, but so happy to see you guys are still at it! Thanks for so many buzzes over the years!
**Hi Cea- Hoping all is going well for you. During this time. Wishing you well.
**Stay healthy!
**All whole bean, no ground. I sometimes select the wrong thing.
**Thank you! Stay safe in these scary times!
**Well, that went quickly. I gave away 2 bags, they were soooo good.
**You do not need to include the gold clips with each bag. We have plenty. Thank you.