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Comments from September 11, 2019 and onwards ..
(ED. Note- we were out of coffee from mid August until the week of September 11, 2019 and that Sunday, an article appeared in the LA Times that we did not know was going to printed. After more than 50 orders in 2 hours, I had to shut down this website for a week, to catch up. If you want to read the article, go here

*Article about your lawsuit. Good luck to you
*CNN article about fake Kona Coffee. As a chemist myself, I hope yall win your lawsuit.
*LA Times article about your lawsuit.
*Article about fake Kona in LATimes.
*Article about your lawsuit against counterfeit Kona coffee. I am rooting for you best wishes!
*I read an article in the Los Angeles times about your suit to prevent fake kona labels.
*In the LA Times article about counterfeit Kona coffee.Nice to find where to get the real thing!
*LA Times
*Los Angeles Times article on Kona coffee and your lawsuit. I am very happy you”re taking on the bad guys for misappropriating the name Kona, and selling an inferior product. I love Kona coffee from my visits to Hawaii. I wondered why coffee labeled Kona sold outside Hawaii tasted inferior. Thank you for taking on the big box abusers.
*TV news
*Been doing this for years…
*I know you are swamped right now, so there is no rush on my order.
*I applaud your efforts to keep Kona coffee Kona, I wish you success.
*Referral-Donald at Gilly”s Coffee in Brookland, NY. (thank you friend Donald Schoenholt!)
*Please send as soon as possible, Fall is here in NE and your coffee with a fresh apple pie is one of life great pleasures
*Online chat
*A friend of my daughter orders from you. I hear your coffee is fabulous!
*LA Times article on Facebook
*I cannot live without your delicious Kona coffee!
*My son ordered from you many years ago and I have been enjoying your coffee ever since
*Hello Cea,from our Tx Ranch. Enjoying your coffee
*I survived! (ED Note: we were out of coffee until mid-September)
*please include how to store these precious beans i.e., room temp, frig, or freezer etc.
*Long time customer.
*LA Times
*Wife purchased your coffee for years – would drink nothing else
*Loving your tasty authentic KONA!
*L.A. Times
*I  have been an ongoing customer in the past and would like to continue to be an ongoing customer
*Thank you for your hard work and wonderful coffee