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from January 2021, forward
**Have ordered from you for around 20 years.
**Hi and Happy New Year. Whatever is the most compact/economical packaging..and no more gold clips needed..Thanks
**We farm corn soybeans and trees in western Illinois. Searched for smith farms and there you were. Visited HI twice . Enjoyed the coffee.
**Cea loved your Ohai alii in bloom picture, thks for sharing
**Long time customers! Recurring Order: every 90 days.
**Hi Cea!
**I work with your Goddaughter, Casey and she told me about your farm. I can”t wait to taste your coffee.
**** Recurring Order: every 30 days.
**Originally heard about you in the LA TImes article that exploded your life!
**I love this coffee and wanted you to try it!
**Dark roast, please!! And THANKS!! 🙂
**coffee geek
**You do not need to include any of the gold clips. We have plenty. Thank you!
**Glad you are there! Repeat customer
**repeat customer
**Surfing the web
**In-Laws living on the Big Island
**Web search
**Please note that we are back at our Florida address. Do Not ship to Minnesota
**Repeat customer
**Hi Cea– Can you replace my previous recurring-order with this one? (Updated credit card info on this one) Thanks! 🙂 :
**Thank you! I had to make a new sign in
**Longtime customer for your great coffee!
**co-worker told me, Tracy Smith