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FROM May 2021 onwards

*This year maybe even more delicious than previous. Thanks again and keep up the splendid work!
*a long time ago i was ordering a lot. after the anchor was gotten rid of i am on my own. i remember when you had nuts for sale too. the cats always enjoyed the toys that you sent (macadamia nuts). i no longer have cats or an anchor but i will always remember that you sent the best plaything they ever had. i hope that you remember me but i doubt it since you have a lot of customers.
* I lived in Aiea for 6 years Aloha
*thanks Cea
*Thank you!!!!!!
*Trip advisor questions through google search for best 100 kona coffee beans certified
*C. Kelly
*Repeat customer
*First time order. Heard about you guys from our recent trip to Hawaii last week. 🙂
*from friend R.L.
*We searched online to find 100 Kona coffee growers that we could buy from directly. We definitely want to support locally owned and operated businesses when it comes to Kona coffee growers. We”d rather buy directly from you than through a large retail or online service so that growers like you can get more of the purchase price.
*LA Times article
*Review on a forum
*Thanks, Cea. Reconfirming. Whole beans! )
*We do not need any of the gold bag clips. We have many. Thank you.
*Husband’s favorite coffee for years
*LA Times
*Dark roast, please! Thanks!!
*Previously ordered.
*Dark Roast Please. Mahalo. Searching the Internet
*Searching the Internet for 100 Kona Coffee
* Love this stuff!
*Have ordered from you before and am familiar with the Big Island
*Past Customer, Lived at different address
*Hello again. Let”s see how the post office is these days.
*Long time customer, years back.
*Thanks for all your help!
*My friend Masa recommended that it was very good!
* Please only after the first crack thank you!
*Hi Cea, Beautiful hibiscus! love hibiscus but we struggle with plumeria as they can be difficult here.