Thank you to all of you wonderful customers and to those that post comments.
I just love them!

Please feel free to leave your comments when you order. We are really blessed by our customers!

our original label and also, our current one for the foreseeable future

from mid November 2018 until today (got new computer, and lost comments from August until mid-November
*googled Kona
*KCFA website
*many years ago at (does it even still exist?)
*Greatest coffee there is! Previous orders.
*M. B., He loves your Kona Coffee
*your son is a coworker who turned me on to your product so I thought I would treat my parents to Kona Coffee!
*By your reputation as the best coffee producers in the world
*Merry Christmas!
*your son
*repeat customer for almost 5 years
*Google search with excellent results
* send for Christmas!
*Brother in law loves to roast his own coffee…the perfect Christmas gift from Hawaii. Google search for un-roasted 100 Kona coffee
* Hi Cea!
*continuing customer
*my brother worked with you
*Hi Cea. Hope you’re all doing well.
*Found you online, have enjoyed your coffee for a couple of years now.
*i am a repeat customer
*Please ship as soon as possible. Thanks
*Hello, Merry Christmas from Berlin, MD
*Aloha: Can you please roast only to the 1st crack on the 5lb. Have a Wonderful Christmas and thank you for roasting my coffee especially for me. with love
(ed. note we offer light and dark roasts if you order at least 5#s and specifically ask for it.)
* Online
*No clips, thanks.
* Internet search
*existing customer
*Previous customer. 🙂
*Thank you!!!!!
*Old classmate of Bob from Kilauea so thought it would be nice to try your coffee.
*old customer treating myself
*friends from Honolulu
*This order is urgent!!! reddit
*The internet/Google search. My ex-mother in law and Ex wife (still good friends) both used to live in Hawaii and both LOVE Kona coffee. I don”t personally drink coffee but do like to get it for them for Christmas. I used to get it from another company in Hawaii but they stopped selling it on 1 pound bags. Everyone else I could find in Hawaii, only sells it in 7 ounce or 8 ounce bags. So I Google searched until I found someone who sold it in 1 pound bags. This is my third year in a row ordering it from you. I could cheat and get it from a local grocery store…but is it really 100 real Kona coffee? I doubt it.
So I would rather get it from a hard working family farm. Thank You, and Merry Christmas! 🙂
*If waiting a few days to ship works out better for you, that”s fine. 🙂 Found you on internet years ago!
*Have a great Christmas and a disaster-free New Year without floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc.
*Repeat Customer
*prior customer under different email
*Thank you so much you two!!!! My Favorite Coffee
*Thank you! I hope you are all well.
*My friend E.C. enthusiastically recommended your coffee to me!
*Thanks Cea, Happy Thanksgiving ! ! !
*Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving!!
*your daughter in law
*Old school Usenet newsgroup
*long time infrequent customer
*Used to be a customer a few years back when I lived in Circleville, Ohio.