Addicts Club Information

Automatic order? Join the growing group of Appreciators!

Smithfarms Appreciators CLUB does what ever YOU want. Takes the worry and hassle out of your life.

Smithfarms will keep it coming until you want it changed. And you can postpone or cancel at anytime. Just give me a week’s advance notice.

One pound of our whole beans will make approximately 32 cups of coffee. How many cups of natural and gourmet 100% Pure Kona coffee do you want to drink in a week? let me see, how many ways can I spoil myself and my sweetie, hmmmmm...

Your Frequent Smithfarms Appreciators CLUB box will be sent on Mondays (roasted Sunday) when possible, for the weekly deliveries and on the 15th for the monthly deliveries. You want something different? Two pounds, three pounds or five pounds once or twice a month?

Just let me know.

So how much will my pleasure cost?


Prices below include shipping and handling.

1 pound of Smithfarms Roasted Whole Beans sent according to your time schedule =Total $33.95 via USPS/

One Bulging Bulk Bag (5 pounds) of Smithfarms Roasted Whole Beans sent according to your time schedule=$141.40 via USPS/

Total of about~$150.00 includes the shipping costs via FedEx

Please go to the ORDER Page and

Fill in your desires….:)

and all the other information. Press “Submit SECURE Order” . You will get an email from me, to confirm your order before it is sent.

Native Hawaiian Tree Ferns about to unfurl their fronds.
They look like shy swans to me.

You may cancel an order at anytime, if you give me fair warning…at least a week in advance of when I would be mailing your box. Your card will be charged after we ship your coffee.

Any questions, just ask me. We can work anything out.

with aloha,
Cea and Bob