We are taking a fun-filled family vacation from July 28-until August 9 so we won’t be doing any business during that time. Please order and we’ll get to it asap.
Thank you.

Thank you to all of you wonderful customers and to those that post

Please feel free to leave yours when you order. We are really blessed by our customers!

our original label and also, our current one for the foreseeable future

updated on June 17, 2017
*Dark roast, please! Love your coffee…envious of your view from your living room!
*I found you online. I wanted to buy from a individual small farm
*We are long time customers
*My brother Jon in Kentucky gets your green coffee beans. I lived on Oahu in the 80’s and love it there! Aloha
*thx as always Cea
*Received as gift
* A friend in Kona gave me your info.
*KFCA website
*Yes it is urgent
*old customer, loved your coffee in the past
*Repeat customer
*A guy on the Gear Page Forum
* on a guitar forum
*old customer new email address -mediunm roast no burn please (ed.note-our regular roast)
*please let me know if there are any issues with shipping to Macau. many thanks,
* We are so looking forward to roasting some true Kona! Thank you for offering this! From our farm in Virginia to yours in Hawaii! :-) Extensive Web research.
*We’re getting ready to go from our place in Florida to our home in Minnesota. We’re almost out of your coffee, so we’ll be placing an order to be shipped to both addresses. Don’t want to create confusion. )
*Used to buy green beans from you for roasting.
*Happy Repeat Customer
*Happy returning customer ready to treat and entertain family again. :-)
*I am a previous customer and was missing a cup of Kona
*this is our 2nd order. love your coffee
*Buying your coffee for years.
*ok to leave on porch
*I am a former customer
* Please ship immediately and let me know if there is any delay. I’m a fan of Kona coffee but UK supplies have become too expensive. A Google search of Kona coffee sources brought up your web site.
*Looking to taste some coffee roasted with this roaster before I buy one for my self. Also will be interested in your green coffee once I get up and running.—found you on ASHE web site
*Good old Google. Though actually I noticed R.K. in the background while watching Twin Peaks. That lead me down a path and here I am. Hoping for a good cup of coffee I can enjoy black without so much milk and sugar!
* (ed. note from my brother) u r my sister. I heard about you the whole time i was growing up!
*Thank you!
*Thank you! Return customer!
*Google search
*KCFA website
*Our order is for dark roast. We LOVE it!! (ed. note- if you order 5#s or more, you can ask for dark roast)
*(ed.note-from his sister) met Bob 8/11/1955 – lol!
*Return customer
*Aloha,Cea and Bob. Hope all’s well. Think of you fondly and often! Mahalo for your hard work and wonderful coffee. Xoxo
*Prior orders! Great beans, these.
*Returning long term customer on a selective budget.
*Hi Cea. Hope all is well. If you have to ship in 2 boxes, no worries.
*Repeat Customer
* Thank you so much!
*Just returned from HI, used internet for research and talked to locals. Excited to enjoy the best coffee back here in the cold weather!!!
*USENET before the trolls
* Hi Bob and Cea….
* coworker is long time friends of your niece
* repeat customer
*ok to leave on porch
*Web Search
*online google web search
* Please ship immediately. Thank you!
*it has been a while since i have ordered. i am glad that i found your site again.
*A repeat customer.
*This is to reinstate my regular order — thank you so much for your kind understanding!
*Well, that went quickly. I gave away 2 bags, they were soooo good.
*Coffee is always an urgent matter! Thank you and have a great year!
*returning customer