Thank you to all of you wonderful customers and to those that post.

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our original label and also, our current one for the foreseeable future

from June 1, 2018 til mid August 2018 comments

*Return customer
*Repeat Customer
*Previous customer. Last order 10-27-17.
*Looking up reviews on Gold Star Kona. There was a blog discussing Kona grades and a few of the bloggers were quite impressed with your Kona. Thought I would try 2 bags and see for myself.
*i have been ordering from you for at least 20 years. used to love the macadamia nuts you had in the past. the cats loved to play with the un cracked ones you sent.
the nuts are gone and the new cats dont know what a nut is. thanks for being in business for so long.
*Great TripAdvisor review, recently ran out of Kona coffee purchased from vacation to HI. Really miss the Kona coffee!
*Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
* Are you surviving the Vog? Those poor folks in Pahoa!
*been buying for years, glad to hear you are safe!
*Repeat Customer
*repeat customer.
*Happy former customer!
*No clips needed.
*Recommended by owner of Blue Horse
*Thank you.
*From my brother in law
*have ordered before
*Thanks, Cea for the 1955 Volcanic eruption in Puna link
*My teacher recommended.