Thank you to all of you wonderful customers and to those that post.

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our original label and also, our current one for the foreseeable future

updated May 31, 2018
*forum, but family have bought my your coffee as a gift for years.
*We”re thinking about you and hope you are in a safe place.
* Hope you are safe! No rush if you are stressed.
*customer for many years
*been with you for a while…I found you on a google search
*Your brother
*I am so sorry for all the tragedy involved in the volcano activity. I am glad you are safe,
and wish the best for your neighbors across the island who are so badly impacted.
*Hope the eruption isn’t making your lives too exciting.
*Thank you and stay safe.
*Repeat Customer
*Please stay safe we have been worried about the volcano you.
*Thinking and worried about you and your loved ones.
*Thanks Cea!
* Prior order and Internet search.
*Thank you. Getting an extra pound for friends with a
new coffee maker as a ”coffee warming” present!
*prior order
* Previous purchases. Your coffee is very, very good.
*Just about out of your wonderful coffee.
Please ship as soon as it”s convenient. Thank you!
*Only because its so delicious should it be urgent!
*Appreciate yours and Bobs personal attention you give to your customers and orders
*Have ordered before
*Previously ordered from you
*usenet online conversation from 2006!
*old customer !
*Internet search originally. Now I just come back because your coffee is so good.
*Repeat Happy Customer
*Hey you two. I see you’ve been discovered… good and bad of growth. stay strong…
*Been customer forever.
*Internet search
*I love your coffee!!
*Return customer. I have ordered your coffee some years ago.
*Please ship whenever, no hurry, thank you.
*Your customer D. P. Please get him something special.
*Internet search
*Thanks as always! Great coffee btw.
*HI Cea.
*Thank you!!!! Your coffee beans are awesome!!!!!!!!
* I have been buying from you for many years.
*Your brother
*Please ship ASAP…I am out of coffee
*Internet search for best Kona coffee. Got 1st order and loved it, so re-ordering more. 🙂
*Existing customer
*I”m a returning customer
*Thank you again!
*Repeat customer
*Ordered before. Great coffee and people. Thanks.
*Happy repeat customer
*Hi Bob and Cea, thank you for being who you are.
*long time customers
*Thank you!
*Aloha, Cea!!
*Web search many years ago. I”ve bought green beans from you before,
but nothing since I quit roasting. Best regards!
*returning long time customer
* I have been ordering from you for years. Love you your customer service.Been a customer for years / through a friend
*Repeat Customer
* Scrolling the internet and your farm was small and non corporate.
*a friend
* Internet – looking for best place to get real, homegrown Kona coffee.
*Mostly Cajun Bolg website
*Best coffee ever!
*Time for my annual order of your wonderful coffee to get me through the winter.
Going with grade B this time…but buying 5 lbs instead of 2!
*long time customer
*google search
*Past customer. Glad to be back!
*You were mentioned on the Mostly Cajun blog by a Louisianan that loves premium coffee
*Family (-:
*Repeat customer
*Google search