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updated on October 25- after 2 months w/o coffee- back in the swing…
* I look forward to this!
*Great… Thanks!
*I’ve ordered before. Read about you guys when doing research on where to buy Kona coffee
*thanks again 🙂
*Please send ASAP, thanks.
*Change my every two months order from 5 pounds to 10 pounds.I know you already shipped 5 pounds  on Friday, but go ahead ship the new order too. Can”t have to much Kona coffee!! Thanks,
*Our long coffee nightmare is over!!!! Thank you!
*if you send soon I will be glad .Thank you (ed. note from Turkey)
*Found you in Border’s Books and Music in Deerfield Il. 1990’s. I’ve never forgotten about your coffee. Thanks!
*I am very glad to be able to buy some of your superb coffee.
*Thank You
* So glad you have coffee! Mahalo!!
*Dark roast, please! We’re so happy to have you back in beans!!
*Aloha Cia and Bob
coffee back so comments from October 19, 2017 above:)

*Please send the coffee ASAP because we are almost out. Thanks.
*returning customer
*Friend recommendation
* the farmer who went out of business
*We’ve added automatic ordering! Thanks and aloha,
*Hope you all have a fine vacation!
*a farmer who went out of the business
*Reddit: R/coffee
*visit to the big island in 1999!
*Thanks Folks!
*I received some budget-Kona Coffee as a birthday gift, and wasn’t terribly impressed.A friend who lives in Honolulu suggested I order directly from you.