Grade B Smithfarms coffee

                                                       Smithfarms Kona Coffee - The Tastiest Caffiene Delivery System on the Planet!

Grade B is just a less pretty version of our delicious Kona coffee
AND Very Tasty!

Why called Grade B?- It doesn’t meet our high standards of perfection  for beauty.

But it does meet our expectations for great taste at a lesser cost.

Why do we offer it?

checkmarkIt probably far better tasting than 99.9% of the coffee in the world, coming in second only to our Smithfarms Estate and our Peaberry

checkmarkA few years ago, a “Q” cupper (which means his palate was trained for coffee flavors) did an experiment. Roasted and tasted the following: Ex. Fancy, Fancy, No. 1- (all of the foregoing we use as our Smithfarms “Estate”), Prime and Grade B. ——-The cupper tasted them all and picked– guess which? as the best flavor? Grade B. The “Q” cupper chose the Grade B and we now offer it to you.

checkmarkThe price per pound is $20 and $95 for a 5 pound bag. it comes only roasted and ground. We offer no guarantees but we think it is Good.

October 17, 2013 Out of coffee Note

We are out of our coffee, temporarily. BUT- we have our coffee at the millers and we will have our coffee back by Tuesday night!

The processed and washed coffee from our first two “rounds” of picking fresh mature coffee is drying in the sun. Like carefully cured tobacco leaves, perfectly ripe tomatoes or corn or any other farm products- our crop of excellent coffee is in the hands of Mother Nature!

mother nature

Coffee beans need to reach 11.5% moisture before they can be taken to the mill, have the parchment “skin” removed and be turned into green unroasted coffee.Then we can bring it home and send it to you green or roasted. About 10 days or less and then we will have our mountain of coffee for sale again.

I know you will be disappointed and it is painful for us not to have what you want. Nothing we can do. We are a high elevation coffee farm at nearly 1900 feet which makes the ripening slower than it is at lower elevation farms. Some people believe that because of the slower ripening, our coffee tatses better.

If you want to be put on the “alert” list for green coffee or roasted coffee, please email me and you will know the very moment we have our coffee ready for you! No obligation incurred.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.

with aloha, Cea and Bob